Connecting paychecks to purpose.

Our financial wellness app uses behavior science to help your employees feel amazing about their finances and maximize their happiness with every paycheck.


What is OneEleven?

OneEleven combines technology, education, and psychology with real human coaches to help your employees develop healthy money habits that maximize happiness and reduce financial stress.


Financial Plan

We create and walk each employee through a custom Financial Game Plan that tells them where they stand financially and identifies clear, achievable next steps. We’ll also create specialized reports that are relevant to each employee’s unique goals and financial situation, like buying a home or refinancing debt.


Video Lessons

Your employees are busier than ever and don’t have the time to sit down and take a course. Our short form video content is optimized for mobile, making it easy for your employees to learn on-the-go.


Private Coaching

Each employee gets their own dedicated Wealth Coach who is available via text, email, phone and video chat. They will provide each employee with a support system as they work to improve their finances.


Progress Tracking & Accountability

Knowing what to do is one thing. Actually doing it is a different story. We help your employees set short term micro goals, track their progress in real time, and proactively check in to motivate them.

Did you know?

78% of workers live paycheck to paycheck, with about 40% of Americans not having enough cash on hand to cover a $400 emergency.


Employee financial stress costs more than $2,000 per employee per year in lost productivity and increased healthcare costs.


Turnover costs $15,000 per employee on average, with 70% of employees stating money as the primary reason they would leave a job.


Wouldn’t you like to empower your employees to achieve financial stability and security?

OneEleven is a modern financial wellness app that offers a completely customized and interactive experience - all accessible online. Your employees all have different goals and priorities. That’s why we tailor our experience to each individual.

Our proprietary approach delivers results. We focus on providing the right financial advice for each individual, taking into account their holistic financial picture and unique goals. Our personalized experience creates a cycle of achievement, and our friendly Wealth Coaches help celebrate wins and work through setbacks with each person.


The right financial advice for a person depends on their holistic financial picture, their emotional state, and their unique goals.


We utilize psychology to create an exciting, personalized experience that creates a cycle of winning, achievement, and happiness.


Our friendly Wealth Coaches proactively reach out to celebrate wins and work through setbacks. No intimidating call centers or product pushing.


OneEleven’s proprietary approach delivers measurable results. We empower your employees to live happier lives while helping your business increase its bottom line.



When your employees believe that you truly care about them, they’ll go above and beyond for your company. Our motivating Wealth Coaches make sure that your employees feel cared for 24/7.



It’s difficult to focus on work when you’re worried about financial security. More than 4 in 5 employees using OneEleven say they worry less about money in their first 60 days with us.


Attract &
Retain Talent

When money is tight, searching for a new job with a higher salary is an attractive option. We’ve found that most people are already earning enough to live happily -- they just need to learn how to optimize their paychecks. That’s where we come in.

We can help your employees plan and manage the following:

We believe that building healthy financial habits allows people to improve the trajectory of their lives and that financial education and planning tools should be accessible to everyone!

Emergency Fund

Automate savings

First $1000 milestone

3+ months of security

Debt Management

Credit card debt

Student loan repayment

Boosting your credit score

Investing 101

Understanding your 401(k)

Learning to invest

Saving for retirement


Creating a budget

Reducing overhead

Eliminating low-value purchases

Big Life Goals

Home ownership

Starting a family

Taking a vacation

Money Mindset

Designing your ideal life

Reducing money anxiety

Boosting financial confidence

Real world results


Team Engagement Manager

"OneEleven came to us during a crazy time when our employees were having anxiety and confusion about what to do with their finances during the pandemic. OneEleven quelled those anxieties - and so much more! Highly recommended."


OneEleven Member

“Working for a company that wants to see me succeed in different aspects of my life just solidifies that this is a truly unique and special place. I can say OneEleven is now one of my top necessary benefits. I keep thinking if I had a financial advisor when I first started working here over 10 years ago, how different my financial situation would be from today."


HR Director

“Many of our employees, at all stages in their lives, have questions/concerns, and are seeking guidance around personal finances. Our people are so appreciative of the OneEleven team for giving us this gift of knowledge to help us manage our lives better in order to achieve our life goals. Truly invaluable.”


OneEleven Member

"This is an amazing service and one of the best benefits that my company provides. I only wish they provided it years earlier.”


Operations Lead

“We have partnered with OneEleven for quite a few years and our team loves working with them! They make it incredibly accessible for us all to learn more about how to be smarter about managing our finances.”


OneEleven Member

"My experience with OneEleven has been nothing short of amazing. Before starting the program my student loans and credit card debt seemed to grow exponentially even while making years of on time payments and I often found myself trying to rework my budget every month. I needed a plan that would allow me to stay current on my payments while having a lifestyle that didn’t involve ramen noodles for dinner. Working with OneEleven has really been eye opening. Their guidance and knowledge on the subject of refinancing and budgeting has made me so much more financially savvy and confident. After refinancing several student loans I can see the light at the end of the tunnel and all I feel is relief! I can’t say enough good things about OneEleven!"

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