Imagine a world where all students were financially empowered.

Our financial wellness and education app helps students navigate the stages of their financial journey as they build essential life skills.


What is OneEleven?

We coach students through the big financial questions they must consider during the course of their studies, which can include:

How can I afford school?

Types of financial aid

Smart borrowing strategies

Creating a budget

Moving to a new city

How should I manage my money while I’m a student?

Values based spending

Building credit

Opening financial accounts

Paying taxes

How do I succeed financially after graduation?

Student loan repayment

Comparing job offers

Employee benefits

Creating an emergency fund

Did you know?

Traditional financial literacy isn’t effective when it comes to developing lasting healthy money habits, only responsible for a 0.1% change in overall financial behavior.


Nearly 40% of students who start college don't graduate within 6 years. More than half of these students drop out due to financial pressure.


Alumni giving rates have dropped by more than 50% in the past 20 years.


Wouldn’t you like your students to enter the real world better prepared?

OneEleven is a modern financial wellness platform that offers a completely customized and interactive experience - all accessible online. We meet students where they are, and coach them through their journey as they increase their financial literacy and independence.

Our founding team left lucrative careers on Wall Street to close the opportunity gap and make successful money management accessible to everyone regardless of income level. A passion for real social impact and empowerment is what drives our team to create positive and lasting change for our university partners and their students.


Our proprietary approach delivers results. OneEleven's methodology is safe, effective and engaging. We focus on providing the right financial guidance for each individual, taking into account their holistic financial picture and unique goals. Our personalized experience creates a cycle of achievement, and our friendly Wealth Coaches help celebrate wins and work through setbacks with each student.


Your University

We’ll showcase your brand every step of the way, from a co-branded portal to bespoke video content.


Your ROI

You’ll receive aggregated reporting on student engagement, satisfaction, and financial improvement.


Your Students

Provide students with a practical financial education and unlimited access to coaching right in the palm of their hand.

How we can help your students

Featuring a series of short 2-minute video lessons on a variety of topics, these clips are optimized for mobile to make on-the-go learning easy. Plus, students have access to an extensive video library covering every must-know money topic!

Understand their situation with a holistic financial plan

Identify and work towards their goals

Create a budget and track spending automatically

Access a full 360 view of their financial picture in real-time

Check tasks off their personalized financial To Do list

Text, call or video chat with their Wealth Coach anywhere, anytime, anyplace

What our partners and users are saying...


Program Director, Student Affairs

“Our students are very excited about utilizing OneEleven. Their degree helped them understand business concepts and strategies, but with OneEleven they can put them into actual practice with their own money. Wish I had OneEleven when I graduated from college!


OneEleven Member

“OneEleven has helped me go from college student to young professional with a foundation for financial success. Working with the OneEleven team has given me the confidence to navigate the intimidating working world and all of the financial pressures that come with it."


OneEleven Member

“The advice and help I got from the OneEleven team really made me feel very confident with my finances and planning both current budgets and future financial goals.”

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